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We will collect sources of information to help your school offer the right resources and support for your pupils. You can find out more below.

Talent 2030 Competition Resources

Resources to download

For your own use and the purpose of helping us promote this national competition please feel free to download the following resources below which includes the competition poster (A4), promotional flyer (A5), parent and teacher factsheet and student factsheet.

Competition posters:

Download: National Engineering Competition for Girls (A4)

Download: National Engineering Competition for Girls leaflet (A5)


Download: STEM Ambassador Factsheet

Download: Teacher Factsheet

Download: Student Factsheet



Unlock career inspiration for your students

The Plotr School Zone exists to help teachers and advisers unlock careers inspiration and help young people plot a path that’s right for them to careers they’ll love.

In the School Zone you can:

These resources have been created to help you deliver CEIAG and meet Ofsted guidance on careers and employability. The video below is a great introduction to Plotr and the School Zone will help you draw maximum benefit from the site.

Plotr School Zone: www.plotr.co.uk/school-zone

Plotr Engineering and Manufacturing section: www.plotr.co.uk/careers/industries/engineering-and-manufacturing


Rolls-Royce STEM education resources

Education and work experience

Find out how Rolls-Royce supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in schools and use our resources – including their interactive ‘Journey Through A Jet Engine’, teacher resources and interactive games for primary and secondary students.

Rolls-Royce Education: www.rolls-royce.com/education

Science Prize

The Rolls-Royce Science Prize is an annual awards programme that helps teachers implement science teaching ideas in their schools and colleges.

Rolls-Royce Science Prize: www.rolls-royce.com/scienceprize

STEM Careers

STEM Careers is a digital toolkit for students and teachers. It helps to make the link between the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects people study in school, college or university and the world of work. Its goal is to bring alive the huge range of opportunities which are open to anyone who pursues STEM subjects.

Rolls-Royce Where STEM Can Take You: www.wherestemcantakeyou.co.uk/

Other useful links:


Brightside knowledge

Bright Knowledge is Brightside’s guide to careers, education and student life. With over 1,000 articles giving the lowdown on:

  • EDUCATION: Great tips on study skills to support learning plus jargon-free guides to different courses, qualifications and applying to university.
  • SUBJECT LIBRARIES: Articles and revision guides to inspire and support students studying or exploring a range of subjects from medicine to media, engineering to law.
  • MONEY: Guidance on managing money and where to get financial support.
  • INDEPENDENT LIVING: Practical advice on everything from finding accommodation to cooking on a budget.
  • CAREERS: Interviews with professionals giving insider advice on how you can follow in their footsteps. Plus tried-and-tested tips for the perfect CV and interview success.

Brightside Knowledge mainsite: www.brightknowledge.org

Brightside Knowledge Engineering and Manufacturing section: www.brightknowledge.org/knowledge-bank/engineering


Free maths revision resources for schools

Loughborough University Maths Revision

Loughborough University

A solid foundation in maths is essential to achieving great things in science and engineering. Loughborough University offers free A-Level and GCSE maths revision resources to help students get to grips with essential formulae.As well as revision help, Loughborough’s ‘mathscard’ resources also include ‘insights’ into different types of careers in science and engineering, and reveal how maths underpins many of the exciting developments in modern technology.Classroom posters and printed A-Level revision crib sheets can be ordered from www.mathscard.co.uk. Over 100,000 A-Level mathscards are distributed to schools across the UK every year – so why not order a supply for your students?Loughborough has also recently launched free smartphone apps for A-Level and GCSE which are available to download from BlackBerry App World, Nokia Store, Apple’s app store and the Android Market. Find out more at www.mathscard.co.uk/apps.

James Dyson Foundation

Get students thinking like engineers

Engineering is exciting and useful. It challenges students to put their science and math skills to practical use.

Learn more about the James Dyson Foundation’s free classroom resources – from exploring the design process to taking machines apart to find out how they work.

James Dyson Foundation: www.jamesdysonfoundation.co.uk/teachers

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