Talent 2030

How to get there

You've probably got some of the skills you need already - Are you good at problem solving? Do you like working with other people? Have you ever made anything?

But making the right choices at GCSE and A-level will help too.

What you need to know

Now is the time to take your first steps towards a career in engineering and manufacturing, so what do you need to do?

1) Pick the right subjects – choosing Maths and Physics at GCSE and A-level will keep your options open for a career in engineering or manufacturing.

2) Get some practical experience – talk to your teachers and parents to see if they can help you arrange to see what a career in engineering or manufacturing is really like.

3) Start dreaming – a career in engineering or manufacturing means that you will be creating the next big thing that could change the world. Why start thinking now about what that could be?

If you want some further information you can explore the Russell Group website for details of exactly what GCSEs and A-levels you would need to study to get a place on different degree courses.

Or you can search by course on the UCAS website for the best university for you to study at.

You can find out more about a career in engineering by looking at the the EngineeringUK website or find out what other students have to say at The Student Room or National Union of Students website.