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    We want you to tell us how you think engineers will shape our world in the years to come by answering the question, ‘How can engineers solve the challenges of the 21st century?’ You can either submit your entry in the space below, or upload your video, PDF, document or images using the buttons below. (Please note, the maximum file size for upload is 20MB. If your file is larger than 20MB, you can upload it to either DropBox or WeTransfer and email the link to: contact@talent2030.org) Please make sure you have read all the competition rules and guidelines before submitting your entry.
  • (Briefly tell us about the 21st Century challenge you chose, why you chose it and a summary of your entry)
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, zip, 7z, pdf, doc, docx.
    Multiple files can be uploaded as a compressed zip file. Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, zip, 7z, PDF, doc, docx. Maximum file size: 20MB (if your file is larger than 20MB you can upload your entry to Dropbox or WeTransfer and email the link to: contact@talent2030.org)
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  • Please do not put a generic info@ school email address - we need to be able to get in contact if you win!
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  • The competition has three age categories: 11-14 (Y7-9), 15-16 (Y10-11) and 17-18 (Y12-13). Entries can be submitted individually, in pairs, or as a group of up to six girls. One entry per group/individual (schools may submit multiple entries but girls may not). Entries must be submitted online before 6pm on Friday 15th December 2017. Entries that fail to meet these conditions will be rejected.
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