Talent 2030

How to get a CREST Award

CREST_Master_Logo_CMYK2017The Talent 2030 competition is accredited by CREST (run by the British Science Association) so all participants are encouraged to apply for a CREST Award. You do not have to qualify for a CREST Award in order to enter the Talent 2030 competition but we are expecting entrants to have spent at least 10hrs on their project, which is the minimum requirement for a Bronze Award.

*Note – Shortlisted finalists who qualify for the award will have their registration costs refunded.

Step 1: Choose a Project idea

You will need to have a specific idea of how you are going to tackle the question: “How can engineers solve the challenges of the 21st century?”

Step 2: Getting Started

  1. To register for a CREST award, you or your teacher should sign up for a free account here. Details of the different CREST Award levels can be found here. You should use these guidelines to decide what level to apply for. 
  2. Once you have registered you will be required to fill out a workbook as you do your project work and it will guide you through what you need to cover in your project to qualify for the award. (Note: The process is similar to the Competition Guidelines but not identical. In particular you may need to consider how you are going to communicate and reflect on your project in order to meet the CREST requirements, as these are more demanding than  the Competition guidelines).

Step 3: Assessment

Successful students will receive a personalised CREST certificate after their project is assessed.  To read more about the CREST assessment criteria, click here.

  • Bronze CREST Awards are assessed internally by another teacher or leader from the school.
  • Silver and Gold CREST Awards are assessed externally, you or a teacher can submit your project through your online account.

More information on CREST Awards are on their website.

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