Talent 2030

Not enough being done to enable students to make career decisions

Survey shows poor information on career opportunities is costing students jobs

Nearly half of young people are missing out on career opportunities due to a lack of information from schools and universities, and despite having the skills employers want, according to a new survey by CompTIA, the non-profit trade association for the information technology (IT) industry. CompTIA surveyed more than [...]

Lack of Understanding Fuels Skills Gap

Parents take note! According to The Big Bang, two in three UK parents lack knowledge to encourage their children into skilled careers. In a study of 3,000 UK parents with children aged 4-17 by The Big Bang: UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair, a third (31%) say they have no idea about the jobs available in these areas, and one in [...]

Making science a ‘conceivable’ career option

Evidence from a UK survey of over 9,000 pupils aged 10/11 shows that although the vast majority enjoy science at school, have parents who are supportive of them studying science and hold positive views of scientists, very few (less than 17%) aspire to a career in science. Studies also indicate that, after the age of 10/11, children's science attitudes start to [...]