Talent 2030

Big Bang Fair 2015 Photo Gallery

We had so many amazing displays at the Big Bang Fair from all our competition finalists, looking at engineering solutions to problems ranging from energy shortages, ageing, Ebola, clean water and nuclear waste. Well done everyone! Here you can see them all. [gallery link="file" columns="6" ids="3584,3585,3586,3587,3588,3589,3590,3591,3592,3593,3594,3595,3596,3597,3598,3599,3600,3601,3602,3603,3604,3607,3608,3609,3610,3611,3612,3613,3614,3615,3616,3617,3618,3619,3620,3621,3622,3623,3624,3625,3626,3627,3628,3629,3630,3631,3632,3633,3634,3635,3636,3637,3638,3639,3640,3641,3642,3643,3644,3645,3646,3647,3648,3649,3650,3651,3652,3653,3654,3655,3656,3657,3658,3659,3660,3661,3662,3663,3664,3665,3666,3667,3668,3670,3671,3672,3673,3674,3675,3676,3677,3678,3679,3680,3681,3682,3683,3684,3685,3686,3687,3688,3689,3690,3691,3692,3693,3694,3695,3696,3697,3698,3699,3700,3701,3702,3703,3704,3705,3706,3707,3708,3709,3710,3712,3713,3714,3715,3716,3717,3718,3719,3720,3721,3722,3723,3724,3725,3726,3727,3728,3729,3730,3731,3732,3733,3734,3735,3736,3737,3738,3739,3740,3743,3744,3745,3746,3747,3748,3749,3750,3752,3753,3754,3755,3756,3757,3758,3759,3765,3766,3769,3770,3771,3772,3775,3776,3779,3780,3781,3782,3783,3784,3785,3786,3787,3788,3790,3791,3792,3793,3794,3795,3796,3797,3798,3799,3800,3801,3802,3804"]

NNB Education Women into Construction and Engineering Programme

EDF Energy recognises that there is a need to build and sustain the pipeline for talent from the classroom to the boardroom and that a diverse workforce is essential to harness the true potential of the UK and drive economic growth. The Women into Construction and Engineering intervention was developed to provide an interactive programme to engage learners in engineering/construction activities [...]

You can decide where in the world you want to be an engineer

Yewande Akinola is an engineer. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Design and Appropriate Technology and a Masters in Innovation and Design for Sustainability. Yewande’s engineering experience and responsibilities include the design and management of sustainable water supply systems in the built environment. She has worked on projects in the U.K., Africa, the Middle East and in [...]

How do you think engineers solve the challenges of the 21st Century?

As published by WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) "The UK will need 87,000 engineers qualified at level 4+ and 69,000 qualified at level 3 in each year between now and 2020 to meet demand in the industry." Being an Engineer in the 21st Century is both a challenging and rewarding career and at Talent 2030 we hope to increase [...]

Our National Engineering Competition for Girls is now CREST Accredited!

The competition is being re-launched on 23rd September 2013 and will be even bigger and better than before, including the opportunity for you to earn a CREST Award. Awards will be presented at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair. Keep an eye on the competition page for updates.