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Rolls-Royce: Engineers are the real heroes

Speaking to The Sun on Friday, Chief executive of Rolls Royce, John Rishton says engineers are the real “heroes” and key to the recovery of the UK economy.

Although Rolls-Royce profits recently soared to £1 billion for the first time, Mr Rishton warned that if the Government was serious about “rebalancing” the economy it had to do more to encourage people into the industry.

“We make heroes, positively and negatively, of investment bankers. We raise their profile, make films about them.

“When we talk about engineers here we think they’re people who repair the car. In China, engineers are seen as really important, and are respected. We need to change people’s mindset.”

“Rolls is in a good place in terms of recruiting as we have a wonderful brand.

While much of the EU economy is facing further turmoil and decline, civil aerospace is booming. Rolls-Royce has taken on 1,000 extra engineers in the past year.

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