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Climate Week, Climate Challenge 2012

Britain’s Biggest Climate Change Campaign – 12 to 18 March 2012

Climate Week is a supercharged national campaign to inspire a new wave of action on climate change. The Climate Week Challenge – the biggest environmental competition in the UK – is a fun easy and free way for schools to get involved.

Climate Week culminates in thousands of events and activities, planned by organisations from every part of society. Showcasing real, practical ways to combat climate change, the campaign aims to renew our ambition to create a more sustainable, low-carbon future.

Climate Week is backed by every part of society – from the Department of Education to Paul McCartney, the NHS to Eco-Schools England, the TUC to the CBI, Girlguiding UK to the National Association of Head Teachers. During the first Climate Week in 2011 over 3,200 events were attended by half a million people across the UK.

Enter the Challenge

The Climate Week Challenge is the biggest environmental competition in the UK. In 2011 over 145,000 people around the country registered to take part. The Climate Week Challenge takes place on the first day of Climate Week, and it will involve thousands of people from schools, colleges, universities and organisations all over the country simultaneously tackling the same task on the same day.

Information packs are made available on the Climate Week website. However no preparation is required. The format of the Challenge and what to expect is outlined in these information packs but the exact Challenge is kept as a secret until 9am on Monday 12 March 2012. This is when the Challenge will be revealed online and the one-day competition begins!

It is designed for teams of four to six. Any school or organisation can enter any number of teams, for FREE! All that a team needs to participate is a table at which to work. It is a powerful way of developing creativity, teamwork, environmental knowledge, problem-solving and communications skills.

The finalists of this high energy, high profile competition are judged by a celebrity panel. This year Ben Fogle, KT Tunstall and Gary Neville were among the celebrities that picked the winners. Winning ideas to this year’s Challenge (to come up with idea to ‘Save the Planet, Save the Pounds: a green idea to save or make money’) included a device to harness the energy of fidgeting children into energy to charge mobile phones (ages 11-14), and a pipeline encircling the globe to take water from flooded regions to areas of drought (ages 5-7).

To find out more about getting involved in Climate Week go to www.climateweek.com/challenge, email info@climateweek.com or telephone on 020 3397 2601.

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