Talent 2030

Talent 2030 Competition Judges

Judges for Category: Ages 11-14 (years 7-9)


Dawn Bonfield

Executive Vice President, Women’s Engineering Society (WES)

Having been Executive Vice President of WES since 2011, Dawn works at the heart of this network of female engineers, scientists and technologists. Her role involves actively campaigning to encourage women to participate and achieve in science and engineering.

Through the Society, she offers inspiration, support and professional development to women in the industry.

Dawn is a materials scientist from Bath University and has worked as a materials engineer with a number of organisations such as, Citroen and British Aerospace!


Helen Meese

Head of Engineering in

Society at Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Helen has always had a fascination with how things work and move. This passion for engineering led to 10 years research at Loughborough University including a PhD in Turbocharger Performance and work into electric armour for tanks! She has led a team of engineers working on fighter planes, submarines and naval vessels.

At the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Helen looks at new and emerging technologies and how they affect the wider community. Her career reflects the wide range of exciting projects engineers can get involved with, and so it is no surprise that she has been a STEM ambassador for 20 years!


Martine Gagne

Head of Strategic Research Centre, Rolls-Royce

Martine’s team focus on accelerating the development and application of new technologies in Rolls-Royce products beyond the time horizon or scope of the current RR business domains (Aerospace, Marine, Nuclear and Energy). Martine joined Rolls-Royce Canada in 1995 and has since held a number of specialist and engineering leadership roles in fluid systems design, safety assurance and product development on industrial gas turbines. She graduated with an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa and holds a Master of Applied Science degree from Dalhousie University, Canada. She shares her enthusiasm for STEM subjects with her 3 children, aged 5-21.

Judges for Category: Ages 15-18 (years 10-13)

Veronika2Veronika Kapsali

Reader in Biomimetic Systems at Northumbria University

Veronika has always had a passion for STEM, especially in relation to design and creative opportunities! Her expertise in Biomimetics allows her to take inspiration from the natural world and turn this into innovative new designs for the fashion industry!

Veronika is the inventor and co-director of MMT Textiles Limited, a Research & Development company in Biomimetics. She is also a lecturer and mentor, and both set up, and runs, a successful Fashion/Textile course for Middlesex University. Veronika’s career is the perfect example of how engineering talent can lead the way to success in the area you are passion about!

mary2Mary Frost

Senior Expert, Fuel & Inerting Systems

Mary Frost has worked in the aerospace industry since graduating from the University of Southampton with a degree in Physics with Electronics. She loves working closely in developing aircraft systems and finding innovative ways to improve our flying machines!

She is currently a Senior Expert at Airbus and specialises in defining future fuel systems, and investigating the impact of sustainable and alternate fuels. She is also active in promoting the engagement of girls in STEM which she believes to be a fun and fulfilling career choice!

kate2Kate Bellingham

Patron of WISE (Women into Science, Engineering and Construction) and TV & Radio Presenter

Kate never set out for a career in the media but a degree in Physics from the University of Oxford, and a passion for audio engineering, soon opened up showbiz opportunities. Whilst still completing her qualification in broadcast engineering she began presenting BBC’s hit Science and Technology Series ‘Tomorrow’s World’. As well as presenting, Kate has taken a number of high profile roles including Patron of WISE where she works with industry and education to inspire girls and attract them into STEM studies and careers. Her story is an inspiring example of where a career in engineering might lead you!

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