Talent 2030

The 2014 winner and runner-up entries!

Winner (Ages 11-14)

Thea Krumins’ entry:
(St Paul’s Girls’ School)

Report: The challenges of the 21st century


Runners-up (Ages 11-14)

Alice Martin’s entry:
(Oxford High School GDST)

Cate Sutherland, Holly Barlow and Holly Keys’ entry:
(Yateley School)

Reports: Applying Technology for Improving the Lives of The Hearing Impaired
Infra red camera’s and motion sensors


Winner (Ages 15-18)

Paige Hulatt’s entry:
(Pate’s Grammar School)
Report: What are the Problems facing us in the 21st century?
Website: Super Power Plant


Runners-up (Ages 15-18)

Esha Mistry’s entry:
(Archbishop Temple School)

Emma Mark’s entry:
(Central Bedfordshire UTC)
Report: How can engineers solve the challenges of the 21st Century?


Danielle Clapcott, Alexandra Diaper, Emma Falconer, Hazel Webb and Olivia Wood’s entry:
(King Edward VI School)
Report: Solar Sahara Saves Earth?


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