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Why we love engineering!

engineeringThere are so many reasons to pursue engineering as a career, we asked our female engineer Twitter followers why they love engineering and here are their reasons why:

 “Love engineering! No two days are the same – Engineering is Creative, Interesting, Challenging and FUN!”  – Elizabeth Orchard @OrchardElizabet

“I love engineering because we help solve the world’s greatest challenges everyday” – Ellie Cosgrave @elliecosgrave

“I love engineering because I can find it in everything around me…from trains to fashion n music. It is so relevant to my life”Yewande Akinola ‏@YeWanDae

“It’s challenging & fulfilling. The feeling of seeing something you’ve thought of, you’ve made, come to life and work is amazing!”Dr Orla Kelly ‏@orlakellybell

“Engineering teaches me how our world is made. As in, actually put together with nuts, bolts etc. It’s awesome.” – Sarah Kendrew ‏@sarahkendrew

“Engineering has allowed me to travel the world live in Japan. Each day is different and brings new challenges.”Bella ‏@30_4_30yrs

“I love engineering because I can use my maths and physics knowledge to help realise cool buildings.”Natasha Watson ‏@Natasha_EngD

“Engineers get to work on really exciting and varied projects and it’s great see the results of hard work” Kayels ‏@kayels

“Engineering combines practical, intellectual & creative skills & gives the chance to make a real difference to people’s lives!”Technology for Fun @Technologyfun

“Engineering is about letting the world stimulate the imagination to create technology with positive impacts!”Natalie Panek ‏@nmpanek

“I love engineering because I love the challenge of solving real world problems. The answer is not always obvious!”Laura Kane ‏@laura_windCDT

“Love the opportunity to pass on my love of engineering to students as a lecturer. Without engineering what would we have?” – Roz Halliwell ‏@rahalliw

“Few careers give you the chance to work with talented teams to change the skyline of a city. Incredible day to day variety too!”Victoria Martin ‏@Engineer_Ria

“You get to use your brain every day, all that maths at school really is useful. You get respect from peers. Lots of variety.”Róisín ‏@LeftsideStretty

“Good engineers are structured thinkers & creative problem-solvers. Bring your own values & purpose; you can change the world.”Catherine Cronin ‏@catherinecronin

“Engineering gives me the opportunity to reduce poverty, protect public health, travel the world and meet amazing people!”Siobhán McGrath  ‏@IrishFemgineer

 “I love engineering, it’s interesting, the hours are reasonable & flexible, well paid, lots of career options including international & out of office”Salma Begum @Sbegum_Eng

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