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The Best Inventions of 2013!

It’s almost time to draw the year to a close and what better way than to review the most fascinating, weird and wonderful inventions of 2013!

We’ve done some searching around and nothing comes close to this round up video of Time Tech’s top 5 best inventions of 2013.

Along with the video, Time Tech writes:

“What makes an invention great? Sometimes it solves a problem you didn’t think could be solved. Skyscrapers can’t turn invisible. Pens can’t write in midair. Paraplegics can’t walk. Except now they can. And sometimes an invention solves a problem you didn’t know you had. Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to eat a doughnut and a croissant at the same time, or resurrect an extinct frog, or turn your entire body into a living password. Now you do. Want a list of the best things that were invented in 2013? Now you have one.”

Which of these inventions shock you the most? What would you like to see happen in 2014? Comment below or tweet us @Talent_2030

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