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Our Top 5 engineering careers, which one best suits you?

The world of engineering is an industry that many people are quite oblivious to despite the way it has shaped our world today. Careers in engineering are ever expanding and join forces with other industries too.

We have a list of 5 top engineering jobs , salary expectations and what these careers entail. There are many more jobs in this sector, leave a comment of any others you are interested in.

1. Electrical Engineer

It is estimated that the average electrical engineer will earn £56,000 a year. Electrical engineers develop, test and supervise the production of electric equipment.







2. Mechanical Engineers

More mechanical engineers are needed in the industry at the moment as businesses increasingly work to improve technological efficiency. Mechanical engineers develop, process and test materials used to create everything from computer chips to snowboards. It is estimated the average salary of this kind of engineer is £52,000 per year.

3. Civil Engineers

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in engineering abroad, Civil Engineering may be for you. In the U.S, works to improve its infrastructure and prepare major metropolitan hubs like New York are essential. Civil engineers design and supervise the construction of buildings, airports, tunnels, roadways and more. They command an average salary of £51,000 a year.








4. Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical engineers use their knowledge of biology, medicine and engineering to develop improved healthcare devices and procedures. The government predict employment in this area will increase by 72% over the next decade. Biomedical engineers on average earn £50,000 a year.

girl doing science experiment






5. Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineers are needed to help companies comply with environmental regulations, such engineers are essential in society today and jobs in this industry are set to rise by 31% over the coming decade. If you are passionate about the environment this may be the job for you. Such engineers earn on average £45,000 a year.

Which career do you think best suits your skills and interests? Let us know!

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