Talent 2030

Talent 2030 dashboard launched

Talent 2030 has set out a new dashboard of indicators examining the participation of girls and young women in key subjects like physics and engineering.

The UK lags behind all its european counterparts for the percentage of women professional engineers which stands at just 9%. The dashboard is seen as a mechanism to encourage schools, universities, industry and government to consider how they can begin to tackle this under representation, setting out how the UK needs to reach a minimum of 20% engineers being women by 2030.

The dashboard will continue to be monitored on annual basis, and has already gained support from leading organisations in industry including Anglo American and Centrica, as well as other university leaders.

Download the dashboard here

The launch was covered in The Times on Monday 10th September 2012 (£): http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/business/industries/industrials/article3533210.ece

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