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Airbus joins government’s work experience scheme

You may have already read that Airbus had joined the Government’s Work Experience scheme for jobseekers, joining a number of major UK employers already involved in the scheme. The Government recently restructured the Work Experience scheme for jobseekers following controversy over how some employers were treating trainees.

The scheme will offer young people “first-hand experience of UK manufacturing and help make them more attractive to employers.”

We think it’s great that young people will have the opportunity to learn what really goes on behind an advanced aircraft manufacturer like Airbus. The company will join other leading UK employers offering work experience placement, such as MacDonalds and Tesco, although to be honest learning how to fit wings onto airliners sounds a lot more fun to us.

The new scheme will not be available until later in the spring, but Airbus already offer a number of work experience opportunities for 14-19 year olds, both school work experience schemes and apprenticeships for school leavers. To find out more about completing your school work experience at Airbus go to: www.airbus.com/work/school-students/work-experience-in-the-uk/

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