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Want to help the world, win £1million AND meet the Queen?

OK this one won’t be open to all of you quite yet, but the £1million Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering shows just how valuable and exciting engineering can be.

This new global award from the Royal Academy of Engineering, has been created to celebrate the greatest international engineering achievements that benefit humanity. You could be building the world’s first 3D printed commercial airliner, or designing microscopic nan0-machines to fight cancer. The prize is the biggest and most prestigious prize ever created for engineers and will become as highly regarded as the Nobel prizes.

From fashion to smart phones, engineering can be found everywhere around us and in everything we do. It tackles the big global issues and underpins almost every detail of modern life.

Everyone’s favourite scientist, Professor Brian Cox said:

“Engineering is hardwired into us. From the earliest times, people have worked to shape the world around them and improve their lives through engineering. The benefits are obvious and the impact incalculable. Everything we take for granted, from medicine to telecommunications, from computing to aviation, owes its very existence to engineers.”

The winner will not be decided until 2013, but the search for a winner will reveal the many stories of engineering success that go on every day, and give us a unique chance to learn about the people behind them.

You can follow the search for a winner from the QE Prize website: www.qeprize.org/

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