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Big Bang Fair 2017

Want to see what we got up to at the Big Bang Fair 2017? Check out the Big Bang Fair photo gallery of all our wonderful finalists exhibiting their entries, and of our winners and runners-up receiving their prizes! [gallery columns="5" ids="4262,4211,4212,4213,4214,4215,4216,4217,4218,4219,4220,4221,4222,4223,4224,4225,4226,4227,4228,4229,4230,4245,4246,4247,4248,4249,4250,4251,4252,4253,4254,4255,4256,4257,4258,4259,4260,4261,4263,4231,4232,4233,4234,4235,4237,4238,4240,4239,4241,4242,4243,4244"]

Winner Jenny Olsen talks about her experience of entering Talent 2030

A little about me: My name is Jenny, I’m 18 (17 when I entered the competition) and I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University. Before I entered the competition I had no idea what I wanted to do at university. I had just started my second year of A-levels and I knew I wanted to do something with maths, science [...]

Want to come to the Big Bang Fair with Talent 2030 next year?

Every March Talent 2030 takes all shortlisted finalists - that's roughly 15 groups from each category - to the National Big Bang Fair in Birmingham. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work, engaging people in STEM and showing the judges why your project works so well. At the fair we give out all our certificates and prizes, and a special on [...]

Winner’s perspective on designing a successful entry

Talent 2030 projects are more than competition entries: they can change the way people live. Jenny Olsen, winner of the 16-18 group, tells Talent 2030 why she decided to focus on 3D printing and the need for affordable prosthetics. After winning the competition, Jenny was awarded with £1000 prize, a female engineering mentor from PepsiCo and  is now studying for her Bsc [...]