Talent 2030

Twitter Policy

The @Talent_2030 Twitter account is managed by the NCUB communications team. We do not use any automation (such as tools which generate tweets from RSS feeds) to post content on Twitter.

If you follow us, you can expect:

  • Alerts about new content on our digital channels (news, case studies, videos on our You Tube channel etc)
  • Occasional live updates from key education events


We do not automatically follow back new followers. Due to resources, we infrequently review our follower list and follow back accounts that aren’t spam.

Being followed back does not imply endorsement of any kind.


We will update and monitor our Twitter account during office hours, Monday to Friday.

@Replies and Direct Messages

The NCUB communications team reads all @replies and Direct Messages to ensure that any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are passed to the relevant people at NCUB and Talent 2030.

We welcome feedback and ideas from all our followers, and endeavor to join the conversation where possible. However, we are not able to reply individually to all the messages we receive via Twitter.

The usual ways of contacting the NCUB and Talent 2030 for official correspondence are detailed in the footer of this website, or at www.ncub.co.uk